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CEO of South Korea's DAEYOMEDI Company came to our company to discuss cooperation in medical device projects
2018-04-13 9:57:19
On April 12, 2018, Ms. Jiang Xiding, CEO of South Korea's DAEYOMEDI Company, and Mr. Quan Lingxiang, general manager of the company, came to our company to discuss cooperation in medical device projects. Mr. Li Luochen, the Chairman of our company, General Manager Wu Jianbin and Deputy General Manager Zhang Yunsheng received the leadership of South Korea DAEYOMEDI Company accompanied by President Wang.

   The leaders of South Korea DAEYOMEDI visited and inspected the office environment of Jinkang'an Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and the workshop where the cooperation project was planned to be produced. They were also accompanied by Mr. Li Luochen, Chairman of the company. They consulted the relevant leaders of the Medical Device Department of Hebei Food and Drug Administration issues about landing in Hebei include research data that China and South Korea mutually recognize that meet the Chinese CFDA requirements, and differences in registration and production.

    DAEYOMEDI company leaders are very positive about our company's strategic development direction, sales ability, office environment, staff quality, and production base, and are confident in the cooperation projects settled in Jin Kang'an.
  On April 13, the leaders of the two parties discussed the details of cooperation of the cooperation in the conference room of Jin Kang’an Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and reached an agreement. Both parties agreed to cooperate in the development of the project to provide better services for the health care of the Chinese people and share the future profits.
  Korea DAEYOMEDI Company is a world-leading high-tech company that specializes in the research and development of cardiovascular and pulse diagnosis. Jin Kang’an Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a well-known medical product-sales company in China. The cooperation between the two companies is in line with the development strategy of both companies. The successful cooperation of the project will help Jin Kang’an Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. lay a solid foundation for the strategic transformation of sales-oriented company to production and sales integrated company, and will also bring greater economic benefits to the company.